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NOTE: Please read the following Policies and Information carefully before making your rental request.  You must also sign and return a contract prior to staying at Wren Eagle Retreat.  A general contract is available for download here and will be similar to the one emailed to you for your signature (electronic signatures are acceptable and preferred).  Be sure to read all contracts carefully so there is no misunderstanding. NOTE: a couple of days prior to your visit you will receive a detailed email with attachment.  Be sure to read it carefully because it includes pertinent information.


Rates are all-inclusive (including taxes and cleaning)

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: $229/night (for up to 4 persons)
THURSDAY-SUNDAY: $249/night (for up to 4 persons

4 additional persons may stay for $25 per person, per night and yes, children are persons, too.

WEEKLY: $1300 for up to 8 persons. That’s less than $186/night!

Dog Cleaning Fee: $50/dog (up to 3 dogs).

Wren Eagle Aerial

Attention! Available dates disappear quickly, so reserve now before they are gone! And if you decide to rent during winter, no one can provide an accurate long-term forecast, so please consider purchasing travel insurance or waiting until a week or two prior to your visit to complete your reservation. At least two prior winters had an accumulation of ice and snow that made the drive impassible even using a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Great Room

Policies and Information

  • You must pay for a minimum of two nights. 50% of the total or 1 night’s rental payment (whichever is greater) is due at the time you reserve and will hold your reservation. Full payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival. I accept all major credit cards. Under certain circumstances, I may require a refundable deposit up to twice the amount of the actual stay or an extra non-refundable fee for a background check. Please note that 3rd party websites through which you may book will charge you both non-refundable and refundable fees and may have different terms.
  • All cancellations must be made by email (cancellation will not be effective until your email has been read and you have received a reply), or by phone (cancellation will be effective when acknowledged). There is no charge if you cancel prior to 3:00pm the same day you pay for your reservation. After that time, you will be charged a $50.00 credit card processing fee. Cancellations occurring fourteen days or fewer prior to the anticipated arrival date will cause a forfeiture of the amount paid as liquidated damages.  All refunds will be paid by credit card refund or check, at our discretion. Any amount not paid when due will be deemed a cancellation and no money will be returned, such being deemed liquidated damages.
  • You may arrive after 4pm local time and must leave by noon local time, although if you need additional flexibility, please ask. If you anticipate having a problem arriving on time or if you need to arrive earlier, please call, text, or email. If you arrive early without advance notice, a $50 charge may be assessed.

Other Things You Should Know

  • Smoking is NOT permitted inside and only permitted outside when smoking items are properly discarded. A single ember can cause a wildfire, so use great care when smoking or grilling.
  • You will be charged for damage or excessive cleaning resulting from your stay. I know that accidents happen, so please inform me if something breaks or spills so that I can clean, replace, or repair it before the next rental.
  • Occasionally appliances will malfunction. These will be serviced and restored as soon as possible.
  • No ATV’s, dirt bikes, or other motorized vehicles may be driven anywhere on the property except on the driveway.
  • You may not bring or use illegal substances at Wren Eagle Retreat nor may you perform any other illegal acts.
  • The property may not be sublet, nor may parties be held without prior approval.
  • No refunds will be made for any circumstances beyond my control such as water outages, flood, or brush fires, or any other occurrence beyond my control that does not make Wren Eagle Retreat uninhabitable. In a rural forested area such things may occur, but are not usually long term.
  • You are staying in a forested area and may encounter insects or spiders or some other form of wildlife inside. We make every effort to keep them on the outside, but they may slip in.  No insecticides or repellants  may be used at Wren Eagle Retreat except for the type you spray or rub on your body for personal protection (like Off or Cutter).
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